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Due to some ongoing issues with site performance, the forums are being closed to posting for the time being. The hope is that this will not last more than a week or so. Once it is determined that things can be brought back online, I will do so in a read-only mode at first to make sure it is fine to bring it 100% back online. As an aside, I am going to selling the site once an appropriate buyer is found. If interested, feel free to contact me directly at marc at The hope is that a buyer can be found that has the time to dedicate to this site properly. I simply have not had the time that you and the rest of the members of this site deserve. For that, I apologize. Thank you, Marc UPDATE: I am in the process of hopefully migrating the site over for better performance. I hope this will be done by 9/30. I'll keep posting updates as they are available. Thank you for your patience.